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Notes for EVA Foam Empty Notes for EVA Foam

on Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:33 pm
EVA foam- Multiple different kinds (thicknesses, colors, densities, chemicals.
Foam can either shrink by heat treatment or simply melt.
* Test this with different foam materials. Don't be dumb.

Where to buy:
- Cheap puzzle foam mats

- High density EVA foam (cosplayshop.be)

- TNT Cosplay (roughly $60 but enough for an entire armor costume).
* This is pricier but comes smooth on both sides.

- Black mat, called L200 (soft)
- Either Pro Foam S from Craftperium or EVA-PE45kg from cosplayshop.be

To connect foam pieces, best option is contact glue or contact cement.
* Thin layers to both sides, dry, THEN press both parts together.

Additionally tools needed:
Box cutter, Xacto knife, dremel, heat gun, flex shaft extension.

Concept picture first
- Identify which parts are going to be made of which material.
- Sketch the pattern first and adjust the shape.
- Add extra layers
- Once overall shape is formed, belt sand to perfect seams
- Finish detail, prime, air spray

Primer options
- Plastidip

Iwata Rclipse Hp-Cs w/ Airhose

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